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2003-09-07 - 8:21 p.m.


Working a 5:00pm-Midnight shift doing data entry. Sweet zombie Jesus, what am I doing here? Nice view of the financial district out the window though... here on the 23rd floor. You ever see that Hitchcock flick Vertigo? I put my head against the window and looked down (a la Ferris Bueller) and I swear the ground sort of rushed up at me just like it did when Jimmy Stewart climbed the stairs of the bell tower at that movie's climax (Vertigo, not Ferris Bueller). A completely new experience for me. I'm not afraid of heights, so I'll chalk that up to exhaustion.

I keep hearing Bush say that things are improving--the economy is on the rise and all that, but as of now over 400,000 Americans have filed for unemployent, which is apparently the number Unemployment experts use to determine whether an economy is deteriorating. The country's largest employer is a temp agency--and that's just one of them--so there's lots of people out there with unsteady work and no benefits. Yep. Sounds to me like America's doing super. Yeah, I know, Canada's unemployment rate is worse, but at least when an unemployed Canadian gets sick, his country makes sure he gets the health care he needs.

Remember when I used to be funny?

Blahblahblah. What else is new? Oh, some good news, I should have the internet at my place within a week, so I can finally do the little things to this site I've been meaning to do -- fix my Archives, change the layout and format and update my favorites...

One week till Shannon (and Arlo) get here and I'm friggin' stoked.

Anyone out there know the name of the bad guy from Tron? There was some joke about that on The Family Guy, where Peter couldn't remember, and I laughed my ass off until I realized I couldn't remember either. It's been driving me nuts.

My favorite hilarious factoid of the month: Tony Danza has an album. Check it out at -- I want it played at my funeral.



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