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2003-09-03 - 1:26 p.m.


This is how my grandmother would tell a story: "I was playing cards with Virginia, this was on Tuesday, no Wednesday. No, it must've been Tuesday because Tuesday is when John Crane would come by to pick up the water bottles--that's John Crane, Bobby Crane's son, Bobby Crane who used to live next door? Anyway, we were playing cards, Virginia and me..." and so on, until you can't remember where it began and can't hope for an ending.

This is how my father would tell stories: by asking questions for me. "So I think science and religion are essentially after the same answer. Does that mean I believe in God? Yes, it does." And there's really no need for you to be there, other than to nod and nod.

I used to goof off and do funny voices at the dinner table to get attention when my parents and sister would talk about figure skating night after night. It would work only briefly, and then the conversation would turn again and I'd try to think of my next punchline.

Now, though. Now this is how I tell stories.



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