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2003-08-20 - 1:28 p.m.

Not to gloat, but

I... saw... Radiohead...

at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA, or as I like to call it, Great Woods. Tweeter Center. Am I the only one who thinks that's a terrible name for a stadium? Sounds like some "special interest" bar in Place Pigale in Paris. Le Tweeter Centre.

Anyway, Radiohead... they kicked some serious ass. I'd say on a scale from one to ten Radiohead's performance rated a Holy Shit. I mean, they even played "Creep," and man, if you're a Radiohead fan, you know they never play "Creep." Thom Yorke obviously wasn't all that thrilled with it, I should note; he kind of put this mocking tone into his voice as he sang, which I understand--it's kind of like Kurt Cobain reacted upon hearing people call out requests for Teen Spirit for the billionth time. And Kurt's had the luxury of not hearing those requests for the past nine years.

But that snotty tone in Thom's voice just added to the song somehow. Plus, he changed the lyrics a little--"I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul" became "I want a perfect body so I can look good next to you."

The lights and everything were cool, but perhaps my favorite special effect of the night was a completely natural one: the sky. Our ride down to the show was miserable--it was a week night show and traffic sucked, and it rained and lightning ripped across the sky every couple of beats, so I was certain we'd get drenched in some monsoon, but it didn't happen. The sky cleared up as we pulled into the parking lot. And of course, there, hovering next to the big white moon, was little ol' Mars, red and untwinkling and as close to us as it's been in 57,000 years.

When I first saw Radiohead a couple years ago, they played in the early evening, and the sun set behind them as they played their first song ("National Anthem.") It was amazing. I think Mars and the Moon in an unexpectedly clear sky blew that away.

I guess if I was to sum that concert up in one word, it would be: "ahhhhh." Either that or "Mayonaise." You pick.



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