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2003-08-11 - 1:40 p.m.

Hmm. According to the Bangor Daily News, we're going to start executing prisoners of war that we've kept locked up in prison down in Cuba.

Yep. We've kept these people locked up in some cases for almost two years without giving them the benefit of a proper trial. Keeping them in Cuba keeps them safe from American Courts and any hint of justice or fair treatment.

And now we're building an "execution chamber" to put these poor sons of bitches out of their misery.

Well, if holding secret tribunals and building execution chambers to start mass-murdering Afghani nationals without allowing them a fair trial isn't the American way now, what is?

I mean, shit, isn't this rock fucking bottom for democracy? Bush has gone far beyond being inept or crude. This is fucking evil, the true face of evil, the kind of evil that Nixon himself couldn't have mustered even with Hank Kissenger juggling his nuts.

This government stinks of corruption and vileness. It stinks! Reading the news is like performing an autopsy on a corpse found in the septic tank of a portable toilet on the monday following a weekend-long Phish concert.

But shit, I'm tired of talking about that son of a bitch Bush. All he does is infuriate me.

I swear, it gets harder and harder to sit down at this infernal machine. So much has happened in the past few weeks/months that I feel overwhelmed. I still haven't written about Amsterdam. Damn shame, too, because I have pages of notes on the subject, but that's a big project and right now I'm not feeling that level of ambition...

What else is there? I could tell you about my job search, but that's rather boring, isn't it?

I could tell you about Shannon's visit. Yeah, she drove 16 hours all by herself (well, her dog Arlo was with her, but as far as I can tell, smart as he is, he's not much of a driver. He can play fetch like a motherfucker, though). Needless to say it was great seeing her, I hadn't seen her since March and I missed my girl, you know... but someone get me an insulin shot, this is getting far too sweet...

When Shannon was here, we hung out with Dan and Crystal of diaryland fame. Weird, but it worked. We met them at your favorite place and mine, the parking lot of the Square One Mall in Saugus (I have an entry in here somewhere about that place...) and drove up to Bradford, New Hampshire to swim in a lake, but after we drove an hour to get up there, they said we couldn't bring Arlo due to some insurance problem or some shit, so we drove into Henniker, my college town, to swim in the Contoocook river and that worked out for the best. We ate picnic stuff and swam and had a grand ol' time.

Later that week, we hung out with them again and Shannon and I had our first fight when we got lost trying to find their place and I discovered every road led to Wakefield, MA. A secret of the universe I pass to you. Wakefield. It's the fucking nexus. But don't worry, we made up before we got to Dan and Crystal's. We ate dinner there and watched my copy of Night of the Living Dead. Dan let me borrow Return of the Living Dead. Not Romero, but a damn fine zombie film if you ask me.

None of this is really all that important to be writing about, and actually I think I'm breaking my new rule about personal information, but, bah, whatever, I'm not saying anything cruel or intimate really so fuck it.

It's hot. I need a cigarette. I'll be back sometime in the next year or two, sit tight. ;)



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