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2003-07-10 - 3:23 p.m.

First Naked Walk Thru My Apartment.

With a steak knife
I peel green apple skin in one long strip,
Listening to the draining tub water.

Clad in nothing,
you walk from the bathroom steam,
skin starry with wet.

You smell of lilac and Noxima
as you step into the kitchen,
your wet feet slapping linoleum.

You tilt your head
and bombard your eyes with Visine.
I blink, feeling the drops.

I feel the slick deodorant stick.
I feel a drip of water run down your thigh, behind your knee—
then the towel, stiff and warm, a starched lamb.

You towel between your legs, then catch my eye and freeze.
You blush, shaking me out of you, back to me,
where the apple’s blood stiffens the skin of my fingers.



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